Type 3 Primary



A Limestone/Granite permeable sub-base produced from quarried crushed rock containing particles ranging from 0mm to 40mm 

Uses & benefits 

  • Used to create a load bearing permeable sub-base typically for sports pitches 
  • Permeable paving/SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) 
  • Equestrian arenas 
  • Driveways 
  • Paths 
  • Patios 
  • Tennis courts where drain blockage may be an issue 
  • This is an open graded material, however it will have a reduced number of fines when compared to a Type 1. This allows water to permeate at a high rate which means that it drains very well but due to the material particle sizes still retains it's strong load-bearing qualities 
  • Type 3 is often mistaken to contain zero fines, which is not the case
  • Not to be confused with a graded 4/20 Cleanstone 


*Picture is a guide, colour may differ 

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